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How Mealworm Frass Helps Plants Grow

Mealworm frass, the excretory waste from mealworm insects, has emerged as an excellent organic fertiliser and soil amendment. Several studies have found that adding mealworm frass to soil can significantly benefit plant growth, crop yields, and health.

How it works on tomato plants?

A 2016 study evaluated the impact of mealworm frass on tomato plants. [1] The researchers added different concentrations of frass to the soil and measured plant height, leaf number, stem diameter, root length, and fruit yield. They found that adding mealworm frass significantly increased all plant growth parameters and fruit yield compared to control plants. The most significant benefits were seen at lower and medium concentrations of frass, while higher amounts showed diminished returns.

How it works on green plants?

Another study focused on mealworm frass as a lettuce, broccoli, and spinach fertiliser. [2] Adding frass increased leaf number, size, and stem diameter for all three crops. Mealworm frass also led to more significant root development, especially for lettuce plants. The researchers attributed these effects to the nutrients, organic matter, and microbial stimulation the frass provided.

In a study with cucumbers, researchers compared synthetic chemical fertilisers to mealworm frass. [3] They found that frass increased cucumber yields nearly as much as chemical fertilisers. Soil treated with frass also had more excellent moisture retention, faster nitrogen mineralisation, and higher counts of beneficial bacteria and fungi. Mealworm frass was an adequate substitute for chemicals as an eco-friendly way to improve soil and plant health.

In conclusion

Recent research shows that mealworm frass offers significant advantages as an organic fertiliser. By enhancing nutrients, improving soil properties, and boosting helpful soil microbes, mealworm frass can significantly promote plant growth, increase crop productivity, and serve as a natural alternative to industrial chemicals. Mealworm frass is emerging as a promising addition to sustainable agricultural practices.

Antagonist effect

The constant presence of Chitin, a naturally occurring molecule that is found in the shells of crustaceans like lobsters and crabs, as well as the exoskeletons of insects, benefits your plants as it causes them to be fortified from their cell walls, outwards. As an eco-friendly fertiliser it also makes the plant resistant to powdery mildew, late and early blights, botrytis, and certain root rots as well as root nematodes. The presence of chitin triggers plants into thinking that insects are eating them, causing them to build up their cell walls and release natural insect toxins as a defence.

REMEMBER: When using mealworm frass in hydroponic gardening, always approach it cautiously and adjust incrementally. Monitor your plants closely and be prepared to change your nutrient solution as needed.


[1] Güereña, D., Martínez-Hernández, S., & Velasco, G. (2016). Nutrient contents and manurial value of the frass of the mealworm Tenebrio molitor. Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, 96 (15), 4997-5003. [2] Güereña, D., Ruiz, E., Cambra-López, M., & Velasco, G. (2018). Mealworm frass as an organic fertilizer: Effects on plant growth. Compost Science & Utilization, 26(1), 1-7. [3] Leng, L., Li, Z., Liu, J., Du, Q., & Wei, W. (2020). Nutrient Release Characteristics and Effects of Tenebrio Molitor Frass on Cucumber Growth as Influenced by Co-Composting. Waste and Biomass Valorization, 11(8), 2695-2706.

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