Organic Mealworm Frass

1kg Standard Soil Enhancer
Compostable bag (2x500g / 2870 ml)
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Organic Mealworm Frass

25 liters / 8.5kg aprox.
Sealed Plastic Tub
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We care about our production

Our insects are farmed for human consumption in a climate-controlled environment, using high-quality substrate and fresh vegetables. There are no pupating inhibitors and/or growth hormones in our Frass or any other chemicals involved.

Handmade by Entolab.
Secret Weapon of Prize Winning Growers
Premium Quality

Manually sifted, our insect frass powder delivers a source of slow-release nutrition, beneficial microorganisms and potent growth stimulants, all in one.

Gentle to the Environment

Naturally produced Chitin triggers the immune systems of plants causing them to rev up and defend themselves against predators like root-feeding nematodes and disease pathogens in the soil. 


By using our premium organically-grown insect frass as a soil treatment, mulch, or water nutrient, you can rest assured knowing that your plants will be fertilised by a sustainable resource that is not only free of contaminants but also promotes healthy microbial activity in the soil.
Order today and start growing your organic produce in fertile soil!

Our Ecobooster insect frass is a filtered product of insect excrement (digested plants) and exoskeletons. Passed through a 0.5mm screen, the fine powder contains Nitrogen, Potassium and Phosphorus, to give a natural way to enrich soil health and feed plants. Ecobooster naturally contains Chitin which boosts plant immunity, strengthening plant cell walls making the plant stronger and able to help resist the onset of disease, and fungal attacks, and aid with damage from pests.


  • Dry Matter - 85%
  • Ammonium-N - 0.26%
  • pH - 6.2%
  • Calcium - 0.17 %
  • Magnesium - 0.43%
  • Nitrogen - 3.10%
  • Phosphorus - 1.14%
  • Potassium - 1.76%
  • Sulphur - 0.290%
  • Lenght: 235mm
  • Height: 335 mm
  • Width: 120 mm
  • Weight (kg): 1000 g (2570 ml)
What makes it Premium?

Please, compare our pictures with other frass sellers and our standard product. We guarantee there are no or little differences as pure as this on the market. Not only because it's finely sifted but also because our mealworms are fed with the best quality substrate, with added calcium and organic veggies to ensure it reaches their maximum quality.


  • One-way degassing valve
  • Barrier protection against moisture, odours, and UV light
  • Easy-to-open
  • Durable resealable zip lock closure
  • Internal aluminium barrier protection layer
  • Find out more about our packaging in this article.