Ecobooster Organic Mealworm Frass
your plants protected
by nature itself

Organic fertiliser
& a natural bio-repellent


Boost your plant's
& deters pest damage
without relying
on chemical fertilisers

Our organic Frass has every nutritional component your plants needs for healthy growth, and is rich in carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Frass is uniquely good at fertilising plants in the long term due to its chemical breakdown...

Ecobooster plant food is a natural plant fertiliser
and eco-friendly soil improver. 
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A perfect superfood for your plants and fish.

Eco-conscious people often believe it isn’t possible to keep an organic garden, having to rely on polluting chemical compounds. The most common eco-friendly options are not very effective or lack the necessary strength. 

Faced with the idea of having little or no option to use nature-friendly products, some choose to take the risky decision of not intervening with the plants at all.

And so nature tries to take over, regardless of whether we use organic or chemical methods. As part of a natural feeding cycle, your plants are going to be attacked by insects, animals or predators like root-feeding nematodes and disease pathogens in the soil. That's where a decision has to be made to save the produce - but how?. 

Fortunately, we can use nature in our favour to keep our plants healthy and minimise the damage caused by insects. Insects themselves hold the key to rev up and defend our plants!  Chitin, found in an insect's exoskeleton, produces an immune response in the plants. 

Ecobooster frass contains large quantities of Chitin that is then converted into Chitosan in the soil. This molecule triggers the immune systems of plants, causing them to rev up and defend themselves against predators. Furthermore, insects detect chitin content in the environment and tend to avoid the area assuming that the plant has been already attacked and is no longer an attractive food source.

Frass offers a wide range of biological benefits to your plants because it contains naturally produced Nitrogen, Potassium and Phosphorus, ideal to feed plants by enriching soil or water health. 

Because Ecobooster frass is made entirely from digested plants and insect exoskeletons, it is full of the nutrients that plants require to grow robustly, plus it also contains millions of beneficial microbes from the guts of insects.

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We care about our production

Our insects are farmed for human consumption in a climate-controlled environment, using high-quality substrate and fed on fresh vegetables. There are no pupating inhibitors and/or growth hormones in our frass and no other chemicals are involved.


Nature working
in our favour

Local Production / Eco-friendly Manufacture in the Midlands

The fine sand-like texture makes it easy to mix with your soil.


It has no odour nor attract insects. It does the opposite.


Plentiful of Nitrogen, Phosphorus & Potassium.


Frass activates plant defence responses and stress tolerance.

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